Friday, November 4, 2011

Park Days

We had to utilize the beautiful weather!
Jocelynn is just now understanding
much fun the park can be....
Especially because mommy goes
down the slides with her.

This new park in Clovis is very nice, but all the slides
are pretty big for a one year old.
We had a good time together though.

I went with some friends,
and while at the park, another friend
from church was there.
Her daughter was sweet enough to take
Jocelynn on the slide a couple
times while I took some pictures.

Jocelynn was in LOVE with this tunnel...
too cute!

Not to mention it was a 90 degree day
on October 14th... lol.
We enjoyed the extended summer!
Jocelynn got some rosey cheeks,
which takes after her momma!
And I took the pictures to show
how dirty her little hand was! eww!

And then this week on Wednesday,
while the weather was still nice,
I met up with some friends
at a different park, which was well suited
for all ages!
Jocelynn loved the swing...

She was little miss dare devil,
leaning forward in it,
just about freaked me out
because she looked like she could fall out!
And the bike racks were
pretty fun to play around too...
silly girl!
I enjoy my days off with this girly.
Don't tell dad...but we really don't get much
done around the house.
I love playing and laughing with
our silly little bundle of joy!


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