Friday, October 14, 2011

1 year old!

Our baby girl is ONE!!!
Yes.... last week on the 4th.
So exciting!

Here she is 1 year ago....

Here she is a day after turning one....

(our little girlie girl loves her purse around her neck...)

Jocelynn's ONE year stats:

25 lbs
30 inches

This girl is definitely up there in the percentiles...

She is seriously such a joy to have!
Jocelynn is happy, chatty,
silly, makes cheesy faces,
gives great kisses,
loves making loud noises,
loves walking around with her dolls,
loves all her family so much,
waves so cute, loves wearing shoes,
loves being outdoors,
loves eating,
and is just all around adoreable!

For her birthday we celebrated
by having family come over to join us in some fun!

We had lunch, and some treats of course,
This was my attempt at cake balls...
they turned out decent enough.
and cupcakes were a must have....

The Freeman family tradition of streamers on
your bedroom door birthday morning

Jocelynn figured out the gift unwrapping pretty well

Lots of new clothes to wear,
toys to play with and books to read!

Lots of fun is very exhausting....

then we had to enjoy some birthday cake, right?!

Someone loved being the center of attention.... :)
silly girl tried picking up her cake.
Daddy helped her dig in
all in all, she was not a fan of getting
the frosting on her fingers.
We did give her a bite though to try
out some cake for the first time.

Then some bubbles....

It was quite a fun day! Thank you
great grandmas, grandparents,
aunts and uncles for joining the fun!

Here is a quick video of her new walking skills.
She became a completely independent walker
about 2 weeks before she turned ONE.
Now she's a pro!

she has another little trick too... check out the video.


Kendra said...

Happy first birthday Jocelynn!

kelly said...

So sweet!

Terra said...

Fun to see pictures, you forgot to post the cat toy, dying to see that! What a cute little leopard outfit...the person that bought that must have good taste ;)

The Freemans said...

Ugh!!! That's it, we are moving back! We are missing too much!!! :) she looks like she is so much fun!!

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