Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ONE year picture surprise!

For Jocelynn's birthday,
Meghann and Emy surprised us with a gift as well.
They had Kilean take some adoreable pictures!
I am so excited they did this for us,
and I am glad Kilean was able to catch her cuteness.
So many favorites....
so I thought each day I would post a few.

I love this pictures because...
you can see all of her cute teeth so far!
You can also see her cute chubby fingers,
with the adoreable little nuckle dimples.
I love her little flippy curls around her ears,
and that face is just one of my favorites!

Jocelynn makes me smile every day.
She is such a happy girl!
Happy baby=Happy mommy!
I feel so lucky to get to snuggle and play
with her everyday.
She is such a joy!!!


kelly said...

I love how shiny and pretty her eyes are in your header picture. She is really adorable.

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